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After a Denial Due to Fraud and Previous Lawyer Gave Up, Client Gets Her 10-Year Green Card in 8 Months!

Our client’s story is one that brings hope and inspiration.

Today, she is a new 10-year green card holder and also in line to take the oath to become a U.S citizen.  

Two years prior to meeting with us, our client’s I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Permanent Residence was denied.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) had cited numerous inconsistencies and fraud indicators in her initial application, leaving her with a bleak outlook.

Her previous attorney had told her that her chances of fixing her status were slim, and she faced the risk of being returned to her home country, Jamaica.  

Her previous lawyer gave up on her case.

She scheduled a consultation with us in May 2022 to get a second opinion.

She immediately hired us to conduct a case assessment to determine what options are available for her after the denial.

The firm requested her FOIA records and embarked on a thorough review of her immigration history.

We recommended to the client that refiling her I-751 would be a good legal strategy to pursue.

This time, the I-751 will be a waiver filing based on extreme hardship.  

In this refiling, we left no room for inconsistencies.  

We provided substantial evidence to support her claim of extreme hardship, and we worked closely with our client to ensure that her petition was convincing and authentic.

We included evidence of the country’s conditions, her detailed affidavit, her son’s medical documents, and proof of financial hardship.

In addition, we asked USCIS to exercise discretion due to our client’s mitigating factors.  

We included proof of our client’s good moral character through letters of support and documentation showing she has been an upstanding member of her community.  

We submitted the I-751 refiling in December 2022.

The result was nothing short of a victory!

Our client’s second I-751 was approved in eight months on August 22, 2023!

It took six years for her to obtain her 10-year green card.

The I-751 approval was a turning point towards getting her 10-year green card and ultimately, U.S citizenship.  

With the right help, U.S permanent residency and eventually, citizenship, is within reach for those who believe and are willing to act on it.  

If you would like to meet with an attorney to discuss your Removal of Conditions case, click here.

P.S. Every case is different. Past successes do not guarantee similar future outcomes. Consult a licensed immigration lawyer to discuss your unique situation.

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