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"My immigration journey started February 2020, I was scared and confused, so I decided that I wanted the best immigration lawyer to work on my case. I went on YouTube and McBean Law was very informative, I learned a lot in minutes, so I decided that she would be the perfect fit to work on my case, she is well aware and rounded very knowledgeable of the immigration process. I contacted her and she get to work, I felt relieved and comfortable, the level of professionalism is unmatched. In exactly 1 year my case was approved on the spot with only 1 question asked. I see a lot of person's saying its easy do it yourself, but 1 mistake can delay your process for years, I am still in shock how smoothly my process went, and it's all because of the preparation. A big thank you to McBean Law, I couldn't have done it without you."

"I was so excited to talk to McBean lawyer the conversation was smooth and very helpful. I will recommend her one million times. She is very good at what she does."

"We had a complicated situation but we were able to ask all of our questions and get answers. The lawyers we spoke with was so patient and understanding and very informative! We recommend McBean law for sure. 😊"

"Had a consultation with Attorney Carol D’Agostino today 27 October 2022 regarding immigration questions. I was satisfied with all the answers she provided, very detailed with all the responses. Thank you Attorney Carol D’Agostino and the McBean team. Olivia McMillan from Chesapeake, Virginia."

"Professional, very knowledgeable and she has great team of very educated lawyers."

"Dear my attorney Carol, I am writing this to you and all team members of Mcbean Law PLLC to express my most sincere thanks for the most professional representation. You have stuck by us for only 7 months in dealing with this very stressful and hopeless case. I admire your composure, work ethic and most of all excellent representation. Our deep gratitude 🙏🏾🙏🏾 Folks, Mcbean law firm is the best for your immigration matters, the firm is dedicated, trustworthy and at the best in what they’re doing 👍🏾💯👍🏾 …… I started a consultation with the firm in June , 2021. When all hope we’re already lost.. spoke with attorney Mcbean and team. She assured me that my case is achievable after a thorough review of my case. And my case was resubmitted in October 2021, just this May, 2022; USCIS called us for an interview and to God be thy glory; it’s an approval we got; (A permanent resident status )"

"Macbean Law firm is a firm I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a immigration Lawyer, they go the extra mile to get the job done, always calling you to remind you for your appointments so you will never missed an appointment with USCIS, attorney Mcbean always update and educate on the latest news on immigration, her staff is friendly and effective and have a high level of costumer service, I thank you so much for helping me to get me green card so I could become a resident today."

"The best immigration lawyer ever. Thank you so much 👍🏾"

“I had virtually met with LaToya. I felt comfortable and had known her credentials beforehand through her social media presence. After speaking with LaToya and discussing what my alternative options could be after I've completed my temporary work visa, I felt confident in what my next steps should be. I would highly recommend McBean Law to those with any immigration-related matters. I do see myself returning to this firm moving forward with the immigration-related decisions I make for myself. Thank you for such a great first impression!

“The Attorney was a good patient person, she is well experienced and answer all my concerns professorially and she was exceed expectation . Thank you.”

“The willingness to constantly inform people about what is going on free of charge is inestimable. Keep up the great work.”

“Talking with one of your attorney made me realize that I was someone not because I didn't have any paperwork.”

“The initial consultation today was very encouraging.”

“The Attorney is so good and knowledgeable, she’s kind , patient and helped me to understand my case. Thanks Latoya will see u soon.”

“Ms. Bobis was extremely knowledgeable and gave excellent options to think about.”

“This my first consultation with Latoya McBean and she had meet my expectation, I'm satisfactory I feel like she already won my case thank you.”

“I am satisfied with your services so far and will continue to use your Law firm for my case.”

"I have been following her on You Tube for years. I love her as she is straight to the point."

“Your reputation and professional behavior. A past customer recommended you.”

“We chose McBean Law because we have seen testimonies and we have been a follower of her youtube videos about immigration process and we belief the company will be of help to us.”

“I must commend you guys you guys for a wonderful job well done because I see positivity in the letters attached and by the Grace of God nothing will hinder my return to the United States. I’m grateful for your diligent and detailed message as we progress in achieving success together along this journey.”

“We choose McBean Law, PLLC because we saw numerous video on You tube and thought this would be the best firm to help with this matter.”

“I have spoken with you and left knowing that you will be my forever lawyer. You were so patient and knowledgeable and you made me feel like you did really cared and was ready to help me. Thanks for being so honest with us.”

“We chose McBean Law because Ms. McBean is knowledgeable and has a trustworthy approach.”

“I highly recommend McBean Law Office. They were so professional with my wife and I. Very kind and honest people. They took their time with us we felt comfortable if we had any questions or concerns they answered them right away”.

“After my first consultation with Attorney Carol, it was very easy to connect with her and share my concern, which gave me so much hope to pursue this course with McBean Law.”

“Words only cannot fully explain how deeply rooted and experienced the Mcbean Team has shown as regards my USCIS so far. You guys are so wonderful I take you as family now. I promise you more clients from my side with assured results by Gods grace. Expect more positive reviews from my end as we go along this journey. But so far I feel so strong and positive and believe there is problem whatsoever impossible for God to solve”

“I watched Mcbean video on YOUTUBE and I'm very impressed with her informative program.”

“I choose this firm because I heard successful reports by Mcbean herself. Also after talking with Mcbean me and my wife feel that she has the expertise the experience that we need to address our situation.”

“I chose McBean Law because of the expertise shown through delivering of latest pertinent and important immigration news updates, the attention, assurance and the overall warmth/understanding expressed to me during consultation.”

“I was recommended my a family member, I started to watch her videos on Facebook and was really intrigued by how knowledgeable she was and also she always provided breaking immigration news.”

“I had thought I would never touched base again with my immigration journey of 21 years after laying my dear beloved husband to rest. While Going through YouTube her calm, collective and informative details and voices gives me hope. After consulting with Lawyer Mc Bean I am confident with her stratitive approach, my visa will be approved so I will be with my children. Thanks keep on shining your light.”

“I chose McBean Law because I believe that the law firm cares about its clients. Combining that with both the willingness to explain the process and the successful cases made it an easy decision.”

“The reason why I choose Mcbean Law because is the only office right now that takes care of cases like mine and do their best to solve it. I've seen so many cases being solved by this office. And plus Latoya Mcbean is always keeping all the immigrants up to date about immigration matter.”

“ I started working with the McBean Office after trying to present my case on my own, where I had no success. After that, I started looking for information online and I found the YouTube videos of McBean and when I listened with the professionalism that she spoke, I said to myself, I have to work with her ... Then I contacted myself and indeed the connection and trust that she transmitted to me did not made you hesitate in no time. We started the process and thanks to her and all of her excellent team today I feel greatly happy and grateful for all the work. Blessings for all!”

“I am confident in your success stories and pray your firm helps my children come to this country.”

“Reason for choosing McBeam Law. I happen to come across one of her Facebook live about three months ago. She was very passionate about the information/updates that she was releasing to her viewers and I was captured by that. She also talks about her clients becoming family. I also likes that she keeps us up to date on the law and the different changes in the senate and immigration. She’s very informative and her communication style was concise and easy to understand in laymen terms.”

“I choose McBean Law because I have been following the latest immigration laws updates from your firm for a while and found it to be very informative.”

"I choose MCBEAN LAW Because I have been following her for the past year, she is professional, she has her clients interest at heart and she is well informed i personal spoke with mrs Mcbean she is a reliable person.”

“I found Latoya quite by accident on Youtube and thoroughly enjoyed her extremely simplified explanation of immigration challenges. She was cordial yet very professional in her manner and easily gained my confidence. Our Consultation was very explicit and she presented me with various options that helped make my decision easy. I am excited about the possibilities having engaged the firm (an excellent team) and hope mine will be a testimony she will share on her platform soon.”

“We chose McBean Law after seeing all Latoya's helpful videos on youtube.”

“We saw her videos on YouTube and we were so excited with her work so we follow up her videos then we choose her to be our lawyer.”

“I follow her in youtube and she inspired me trust to handle my immigration case.”

“I just checked online and noticed that the case was approved. Stephanie and I are still very surprised about how the officer basically did not take any additional documents from us. You did a fabulous job on submitting such a solid case. Thank you Anita for all the hard work and assistance all way long. Thank you attorney Carol for such a great performance and representation. I will never forget how you stepped in and defended me when the officer was going so hard on me for overstaying my visa haha! McBean LAW is the best law firm ever! Great Service! All the credits go to my wife for choosing you. WONDERFUL JOB!”

"I want to thank you and the rest of the team for the degree of professionalism you guys displayed in dealing with my case. Friday morning I happened to look on lawfully app and I had 3 notifications on my case, I couldn’t believe I was approved. I was in shock all weekend, I am just coming to the realization that this is really happening. I can work, I can travel, I can go to school, I can open a bank account. Thank you so much, it was a pleasure having you as our Lawyer."

"I’m so grateful I came across McBean Law through YouTube. I instantly fell in love with how Informative and knowledgeable Mrs.McBean was. After only a year and a half, we recently had our case approved. I know it would not have happened without the hard work and diligence of the McBean law team. They worked so hard to investigate our case and were able to put the pieces together to lead to this great outcome. I would encourage anyone seeking an immigration lawyer to go to McBean law, you will not be disappointed!

"I just want to say thank you Mcbeam Law for all the legal support that you provided I'm so happy and MUCH appreciated for your wonderful job done don't have much to say all Glory belongs to JESUS AMEN."

"McBean Law team are very professional, They are very respectful. It’s always a pleasure working with them and Especially lawyer McBean she is very highly qualified for her Job. Anyone who needs an immigration lawyer, Call McBean Office for the best service ever."

"Ms McBean was very patient with me and she answered all my questions and the steps I need to take in how to go about starting my case"

"The best lawyers I have talked with"

"I got to know McBean Law firm through a family friend in December 2020 and did a follow up on the internet. I petitioned for my parents (form 1-485) and thought I could do this all by myself but ended up making some expensive errors.I contacted Mcbean Law, they advise and guided me professionally and also contacted U.S.C.I.S on my behalf. Within two weeks we got positive feed backs . By February 2021 my parents got their green card. Thanks Mcbean Law."

"Just had a session with Latoya. Amazing and very professional. I am highly impressed with her knowledge and experience. Best of luck to you and to your team."

"I contact them for family petition information, and they are very helpful to me. And I will definitely use their services."

"We are so glad that we chose McBean for our GreenCard. She is very knowledgeable, Patient & very professional. Our GreenCard was approved in 6months! from the time of filing. All credit goes to McBean, the way she prepared our file was amazing in a very short period of time. We are so thankful to her & her team. Now we are looking forward to do our US citizenship also with her. If you are looking for Immigration help then definitely choose McBean, that will be your best choice."

"Very professional staff, led by the Mrs. McBean- Pompy. I am most impressed by the level of honesty and integrity that comes along with the advise they give. Would recommend them 100%."

“Attorney I spoke to was very informative and she took her valuable time to explain how to deal with my pending issue.”

“McBean meets the legal needs of their clients. And the organization is just good.”

“The lawyer was knowledgeable, took her time to answer my questions and explained the answers clearly so that I could understand the pros and cons.”

“The consultation was very clear, timely and informative. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and we are satisfied with the consultation.”

“The lawyer was very knowledgeable and patient with my questions. She was also sympathetic.”

“Great information.”

“I would recommend Mcbean law firm because its track record speaks for it. I have heard of its positive success rate for certain immigration issues. Furthermore, the information provided on YouTube is usually helpful and current.”

“Mrs. McBean-Pompy has shown a high level of professionalism, she is very knowledgeable, she has a warm spirit and she made sure I understood the whole process.”

“Am impressed with the success stories I saw on Instagram and how Mcbean always gives out information on immigration. Also the passion she has on helping people by striving hard to make sure it became a success.”

“Lawyer McBean videos in YouTube. I personally think that she's really knowledgeable on immigration, i got that feeling through her videos, the information that she shared was really useful at the time i got to see her videos.”

“After watching many YouTube testimonies on success stories and immigration updates, I knew McBean Law would be the perfect choice for my immigration issue!”

“I found you guys on Google and I also like how you host livestreams on Instagram that talk about Immigration.”

“I decided to choose McBean law after carefully doing a research on many other options. Honestly I don't personally know anyone who've worked with them before but I've came across so many beautiful reviews written to them which helped me decide to move on with them. And I'm thankful to say all those reviews were true as I can't believe my case got approved just under 5 months! I'm so grateful and thankful for the work they've done!! PS. A Happy customer!”

“I followed Mrs McBean on YouTube and she always made informative videos on immigration issues. I watched most of her video, which build my confidence to contact on my immigration matter. She was kind and caring person and her team is incredible, for the short time I contact, they check on a regular and keep me updated on my matter. Thank you all.”

“Nathan Miss McBean is very nice and Knowledgeable about IMMIGRATION and solved lots of difficult cases that i'm witness thru you tube videos that Miss McBean always post it and weekly news about new laws and procedures thru out those videos that she post it i really like her efforts to helping clients all over the US and many Countries God Bless!!!”

“Good reviews from clients, Atty McBean seems to be caring and compassionate.”

“I contact them for family petition information, and they are very helpful to me. And I will definitely use their services.”

“She is a wonderful and good lawyer , her YouTube channel was able to guide me and my wife on the process and which by God grace got the USCIS petition approved.”

“I stumbled into her channel on YouTube and her grasp of immigration issues got my attention.”

“For years I remained inert, almost given up hope until a friend forwarded me a live video of Mrs. Mcbean. I then followed Mrs. Mcbean on social media, watched every broadcast, and read every comment or testimonial. Although this law firm is my last action, I made the right choice deep down. I admire the work ethic and dedication to clients that Mrs. Mcbean and her support staff have. She seems to understand what each person is going through personally, and she and her team advocate on their behalf relentlessly. The dedication and know-how are what drew me to this firm. If the outcome isn't what my family wants, I know this firm will do everything they possibly can, and that's all I can ask for.”

“I will definitely do, I had the best service ever with Carol D'Agostino, she was excellent. She did take me through my questions with alot of love and care, thank to her and the entire McBean Law team.”

“I have trusted Mc Bean Law because they are very knowledgeable and will ensure to fully represent their client to ensure the best outcome”

“I contacted your office because a friend of mine refer Ms McBean and she also sent me a link for YouTube, I watched a few of her video and love what I saw. Since I started the process with you I am comfortable and I am looking forward for great success.”

“Referred by a family member who been keeping up with your articles you put out in social media. I read a few stories myself and said maybe this firm can also help me”

“We believe that you will be able to help my Aunt's immigration case.”

“The reason why I chose McBean law for my immigration services is simple. I have been living in fear for the last 4-5 years. One day in early 2020 I came across one of the awesome and informative McBean law videos. I was very intrigued by how detailed Miss Latoya explained immigration laws, what to expect and what's happening. I share the videos and talk about the services to everyone. When she speaks I feel her compassion and genuine passion for helping people. I was drawn in by that. I told myself then and there I wanted to be represented by her in any immigration situation. Recently I was forced to start my life over from scratch in a different state. I am not afraid anymore and ready to take back control and be in charge of my life again and I am confident that McBean law and Miss Latoya and her team are the right choice for me.”

“My wife watches her on Facebook and she knows her work”

“The reason I chose McBean Law Firm is because my aunt recommend it from watching your Youtube Page. Also because it is located in NY and after speaking to Ms McBean I have confidents her law firm will get the job done.”

“I have been following up with law firm programs online and it is very interesting about the immigration program and my younger sister liked the program and advise me to go for this law firm.And I hope I get a positive result from this law firm helping me also with my immigration case.”

“I chose McBean Law after finding about the law firm on YouTube. I received lots of important information about immigration issues and found Ms. McBean to be very professional and knowledgeable on these issues.”

“Watching Latoya Mcbean's videos in her Youtube channel gave me the confidence that i would be in the best hands for my immigration issue as she is very knowledgeable, up to date with all things immigration, and she seems to really care about her clients's struggles. I chose McBean law because i feel that you would treat my case like family would help a beloved one. You know, its very easy to find an attorney, but its hard to find an attorney that would take matters close to his/her chest.”

“We saw a couple of Latoya YouTube and Instagram videos and i said to my husband I like her she get results ,that is why we chose McBean law.”

“I am miss McBean subscriber on her YouTube channel over a year now. I listen to her advice to others and how successful she is on immigration cases. I hopped, she is the right Lawyer to help me with my case.”

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