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After 19 Years of Immigration Problems, Client with Marriage Fraud Allegations Gets Green Card in 4 Months

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This story brought tears to our eyes and stunned us at the same time!

Our Client faced insurmountable challenges and a long history of immigration denials.

Her story is one of the most remarkable ones we’ve seen this year.

Her journey started in 2004 when she came to the U.S. from Jamaica.

She married her U.S. Citizen husband, and in 2006, he filed an I-130 petition on her behalf.

Unfortunately, he withdrew his petition at the green card interview.  

That same year, he filed a second I-130 petition for her.

USCIS interviewed the couple and issued a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID).

They were accused of not having a genuine marriage.

The case was denied in 2010.

However, they appealed the decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals, but that too was denied in 2012.

In 2013, her husband filed a third I-130 petition on her behalf.

They were interviewed and years passed before they heard back from USCIS.

In 2016, the Fraud Unit conducted an investigation and visited their home.

The case was again denied in 2016.  

Then in March 2022, Client had an initial consultation with us.

We advised that she has a very difficult case.

We began with a case assessment to study her immigration history.

We then advised that she should proceed with a fourth filing through her adult U.S. Citizen son.

We warned her about the possibility of a NOID due to her complex background.

We prepared her son’s case and filed it in May 2023.

Unbelievably, in just four short months, her case was approved!

She now has her green card!

This is a rare and wonderful outcome for our Client who never gave up on her dream of becoming a green card holder.

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P.S. Every case is different. Past successes do not guarantee similar future outcomes. Consult a licensed immigration lawyer to discuss your unique situation.

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