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Barber Gets Green Card After Short Marriage Ended

When Client met with us in June 2019, his conditional residence green card had already expired, and he was out of status

He was nervous about this situation and needed professional help to obtain the 10-year green card without his wife’s help.

Short Marriage

Client’s marriage failed after only a few short months of living together. His spouse cheated on him and got pregnant for another man

He moved out of the home but later tried to make the relationship work by returning home. Unfortunately, his wife’s infidelity was ongoing, and he ended the relationship after less than one year of marriage

He then moved to New York to work as a Barber and start a new life. He also filed for divorce.

Very Little Evidence

Client did not have a lot of evidence to prove a bona fide marriage. He only had the following:

  • Divorce Filing
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Joint Tax Transcripts
  • Joint Bank Account Statements (showing only a few months of transactions)
  • ONE Photograph of them together!
  • Letters of Support

Firm’s Work & Filing Timeline

We prepared a strong declaration and memorandum.

We filed the case in February 2020 while Client’s divorce was still pending because we did not want him to be placed in removal.

USCIS later sent a Request for Additional Evidence for the final divorce decree and asked for more evidence to prove that the marriage was genuine.

We responded with the final divorce decree, but we had no additional evidence to submit. However, we prepared a second strong memorandum.

We later prepared Client for his interview in August 2021. During the interview, the Officer did not see his final divorce decree in his file. Thus, the Officer issued another request for evidence that same day. We helped the Client respond to it.  

In November 2021, Client’s I-751 waiver case was approved, and he now has his 10-year green card!

P.S. This is for general information purposes only. Success stories are based on real cases. However, each case is different, and past successes do not guarantee that all cases will have a similar result. Consult a licensed immigration lawyer to discuss your unique situation.

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